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Carys lives and works in her childhood home, the small village of Glanrafon on the outskirts of Corwen, Denbighshire.

“I am constantly drawn to the beauty of my surrounding landscape and nature, it’s wilderness, dwellings of character, the spectrum of colours to be discovered as well as memories of community and tales to be retold. 

 The process I love in my work involves building layers, through collage, paint, pastels, and beeswax, creating interesting effects.  It is very much an investigative and exciting process.  Because of these layers, different elements can be seen at different times and in varying degrees of light.             

 The metaphor I convey in my work is to encourage one to look beyond the surface. 

 I create work in hope it soothes and comfort. I truly believe in the healing properties of colour and textures.”

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